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IMPORTANT: The filing information included here is limited solely to the Elkhart County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals and does not apply to appeals filed with the Indiana Board of Tax Review, nor are the service requirements necessarily applicable to those appeals. 

Appeals Department
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Starting in 2020 there are four main ways to go about legally filing a Form-130, the appeal form, with the Assessor's office. All of these ways, please note that Indiana law does require appeals be filed on the Form 130 to be accepted. Also please be sure to provide/attach any evidence to support your claims that the assessment does not represent market value or has been done in error.


We are happy to say Elkhart County Taxpayers have the ability to file electronically their appeals. If it is during the normal time frame, just click on the button below to get the process started.


One of the most popular ways of filing an appeal over the years has been to bring them to our counter in person. This allows you to receive a tangible copy of your appeal with our "received stamp" which will serve as your proof of timely filing should an issue arise in the future for any reason. This way also has the benefit of, if time allows, someone possibly being able to answer questions you may have, which once garnered makes the appeal not necessary in your opinion.


Should you already have the Form 130 completed, evidence available as well and would like to merely email your appeal to the Assessor's office you need just click the link below:

Stack of Envelopes


Many choose to mail in their appeals to the address provided on their Form-11's. Please note that should you desire a proof of receipt, you will need to provide a self-address - stamped envelope along with your original appeal. The address to mail all appeals within the county's jurisdiction is:

Elkhart County Assessor

117 N 2nd Street

Goshen, IN 46526

Please Note: The petition must be signed by the petitioner or an authorized representative. A representative must attach a notarized power of attorney unless the representative is a duly authorized employee or corporate officer of the company. Certified tax representatives must attach a Tax Representative Disclosure statement. Also if you have an email address that we can contact you at, please list it on the appeal form.

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