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Want Updates & Reminders?

Transparency is one of our greatest pursuits and with that we want to offer an additional way the taxpayers of Elkhart County can get updates and reminders throughout the year.​​

List of Updates

Form 11 & Appeals

Each spring you will receive Form 11s to notify you of your new assessments. The normal appeal window starts upon the mailing of these forms. We will send you an email letting you know Form 11s are on their way and of when the appeal deadline is.

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Personal Property Filing

Each year businesses need to file their business personal property forms. Once a year we will send you a reminder of needing to file and all pertinent or useful information related to filing.

Rental Data Submission & Collection Sheets

Every other year we mail out what are known as rental data collection sheets to all potential landlords of rental properties. Subscribers will receive a yearly email to consider updating your information and also notice of when the bi-annual mailing occurs.

Reassessment Updates

Pursuant to IC 6-1-11-4-4 the assessors office must review 25% of the parcels in their jurisdiction. We will once a year let subscribers know what townships or property types are up for that calendar year.

Legislative Updates

While we won't send out updates or explanations of every bill, if there is a situation where a bill causes an atypical opportunity for a taxpayer or causes a massive change in how assessments are to be conducted - we will attempt to provide an update to this effect.

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